RetailAware Drives Your Revenue, Engagement & Loyalty

Empower Associates

Help them offer better service to drive higher conversion


Enhance Experience

Real-time actionable individual insight makes everyone a VIP


Fuel Growth

Daily store operational reports and simple dashboard to support your decisions

Know Your Customers at Doorstep


Empower your associates with real-time, actionable, personalized insights of the customer within seconds, on the POS screen or sent to their mobile devices.


Nothings compares to the paramount importance of knowing, engaging and keeping your customers in nowadays retail,that's all RetailAware has to offer:


Enhanced foot-traffic analytics

  • Precise people counting starting at $50 with $0 installation fee
  • Exclusive metrics: conversion, mood, etc.
  • Identify repeat visits across multiple locations
  • Simple dashboard and Email reports

real-time customer profile

  • Real-time actionable insights in seconds: past purchases/visits, sizes/preference, custom tags, etc.
  • Optimized to balance discretion and timeliness in high-touch scenarios
  • Push notifications to POS, mobile devices or smart wearables.

Omni-channel   Footprint

  • Track your customer's complete journey, from online to offline to social.
  • Integrates with most popular point-of-sale and ecommerce platforms
  • Custom integration available via partners

No Wire, No Hassle

Skyline RetailAware weaves the latest mobile and computer vision technology into an elegant and self-provisioned device which works out of the box with 15 minutes of guided setup.

No running wires, no electrician hours, just plug it in (or not) and watch customers populated into your RetailAware customer database.

In the case of absence of Wi-Fi access, we also offer a 4G-LTE model that you simply plug-in the SIM card from the carrier of your choice.

In the future, we will work with most IP-camera to offer better in-store coverage with minimum hardware investment.


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